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Hard Hat Photography was founded in 1994 and has since gone on to be a leader in the fields of civil engineering and commercial aerial photography. The Company has photographers it can call on throughout the UK & Ireland, all experienced in on site work and conditions. Through working in all conditions of light and weather we have developed special techniques, especially when working in low light situations such as tunnels and night lifts.
The company has now been appointed project photographer on more than 100 civil engineering contracts including high profile projects like the M6 Toll, Channel Tunnel Rail Link (4 contracts), Newbury Bypass, Dublin Port Tunnel, M50 2nd Liffey Bridge etc. For full list see our client/contacts page.

Don't waste time searching commercial aerial photography databases for different area's, just contact Hard Hat Photography and we can cover it wherever it is!

Ever more important. Many commercial photographic insurance policies exclude commercial aerial photography but Hard Hat Photography has specific cover to include aerial work. The company only hires aircraft legally licensed with an air operators certificate. Many "cowboy" firms cut costs by flying from unlicensed flying clubs putting the flight down as a trial lesson. It is illegal and no insurance policy would cover such a flight.

It is also illegal to carry out commercial flights piloted by a non commercial pilot. All these regulations can be confirmed by the civil aviation authority regulatory and enforcement division in London.

Hard Hat Photography also has specific insurance cover for its operators to work on construction sites.

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